Best Guard Security Incorporated offers uniform security guard services to the following types of sites and business entities:

  • Condominiums
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Residential Complexes
  • Hotels
  • Corporate Buildings
  • Commercial Entities
  • Malls/Plazas
  • Retail Venues
  • Industrial Sites
  • Construction Sites
  • Manufacturing/ Facility Plants
  • Parking Lots
  • Truck Yards

Furthermore, Best Guard Security Incorporated is proud to offer also the following services:

  • Mobile Patrol
  • Alarm Response
  • Parking Enforcement

If the services you are looking for are not listed, do not hesitate to contact us further.
One of our experienced managers will be more than happy to assist you.

Detailed description of our services

1.    Personnel

Each security professional has been screened to the standards of the Private Security and Investigative Services Act established by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Service. Furthermore, our personnel have been exposed to various detailed aptitude tests, technical and behavioural interviews, and extensive in-service training regarding criminal law and police defensive tactics. At your request, prior to commencement of a contract with Best Guard Security, we can provide you with the full personnel profile of each assigned security guard.

Best Guard Security offers, free of charge, supervisory personnel to ensure strict adherence to company policies, protocol, regulations and ordinances. Best Guard Security supervisors are utilized as a liaison between the Best Guard Security Incorporated and our clients. Supervisors are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for your convenience and will perform regulatory spot checks to ensure compliance. It is our belief, that in order to maintain our reputation for guaranteed superior quality protection services, we must develop and maintain strong relationships with our personnel both on and off duty.

At Best Guard Security, all of our security guards will be equipped with two-way radios or cellular phones, fully equipped with the GPS function to ensure continual communication with our management team. Field Supervision, positioned in radio-dispatched vehicles, is in incessant contact with the 24 hour Dispatch Center. Supporting each security guard professional unconditionally, in both the office and in the field, are responsive managers who insist upon quality and accountability. Modern operational technology supports their efforts.

Each assigned security guard will be in-serviced at regular intervals with respect to your organization's specific site, further enhancing the protection we provide.

2.    Screening

The quality we bring to your environment begins long before your organization personally meets our security guard professionals. The management of BGS is committed to making the recruitment and training of our personnel, the key to our success. Our employees are guaranteed to have a 100% clean criminal record and a valid CPR and First Aid certificate. All security guards are licensed under the Private Security and Investigative Services Act.

3.    Training

Best Guard Security Incorporated is committed to offering its clients supervised, trained, and fully uniformed security guards; supported by a reliable and efficient management team that is fully equipped with effective, modern technologies necessary to respond to any unpredictable or volatile situation.

Best Guard Security Incorporated hires security professionals from security agencies, authorized by the Ministry of Community and Correctional Services to provide certified training programs for anyone who desires to become a licensed security guard. The security guards of Best Guard Security will have passed a special Selection Training Program to qualify for their position. This program consists of the following standard education ourses: Customer Service, Access Control, Fire Procedures, Defense and Physical Endurance, Common Areas, Console Operations, Elevators, Move-ins, Underground and Visitor Parking etc.

4.    Uniform

Our uniformed security guards are outfitted with police-type uniforms. Our corporate general orders require that our personnel keep their physical appearance to the utmost of professional distinction. Employee uniforms should be pressed and clean at all times, and footwear polished. Men are to be clean-shaven, with neat formal haircuts. Our female officers are held to the same standard. No jewelry that may interfere with service provision or cause risk for bodily harm is permitted to be worn on duty.

We pride ourselves on the appearance of our personnel, as they are representing our organization within the setting of your facilities.

5.    Supervision

Our supervisory personnel possess extensive experience in the security industry. They are responsible for scheduling, assigning security posts, and acting as a knowledgeable liaison between the Management of Best Guard Security Incorporated and our client. Supervisory personnel are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in order to maintain quality assurance and customer service.

6.    Method

Our business strategy is to know our client. That is to say, we want to gain an in-depth understanding of our client's line of business, organizational structure, culture, habits and behavior, to determine their specific security needs. From this discussion and investigation, our organization will then be able to design and implement a security program tailored to these requirements.

The collaboration and pre-planning stage with the client, to develop a customized protection services plan, is the most critical aspect of our program. Ultimately, the work done in the initial stages of our business relationship will create the sustainable, long-term value and trust that Best Guard Security Incorporated prides itself on. The continual growth of such value will significantly increase long-term stakeholder confidence and the return on client investment.

7.    Patrol

What generally places allows Best Guard Security Incorporated in a position to confidently implement authentic services, is the actual placement of the selected security guards. They are trained to make visible patrols throughout their posts in undetermined patterns, as well as interact with your patrons, employees as well as standing as a fixed post. Furthermore, they are trained to use different patrol techniques and procedures to maximize effectiveness.

8.    Customer Service

One of our experienced managers will be more than happy to assist you. Our office is staffed around the clock with security professionals. You can contact us to share your needs, requirements or complaints. Desk personnel are utilized as watch commanders with authority to make supervisory decisions for Best Guard Security Incorporated. From upper level management to front line security professionals, the corporate culture encourages to provide a high quality of customer service while performing their duty with the utmost pride and confidence.

9.    Cost

In order to retain the highest quality security professionals in the industry, Best Guard Security Incorporated must compensate its security professionals commensurate to their qualifications. Our management has resolved that by reducing our profit margin rather than decreasing the security guard's salary. This ensures that our company maintains low annual turnaround, by creating loyalty through personal relationships with our personnel.

10.    Liability

Best Guard Security Incorporated maintains a general liability insurance that is two times the aggregate coverage obtained by most of our competitors. Our vision is that in order to protect our assets and those of our clients, we must maintain strong financial security that far exceeds industry standards.

11.    Relations

Best Guard Security Incorporated ensures that a thorough review of the particulars of your needs and requirements is completed in order to understand the scope and schedule of the work needed. Then, our company will then put together a first class team of security professionals, who will provide ideal services to suit your needs. We partner with your organization in every stage of your business project or endeavor, acting as both consultant and colleague to achieve mutual goals.

12.    Quality

On every occasion, Best Guard Security Incorporated undertakes the protection of a new project or endeavor, a Customized Quality Control Plan is established to ensure that the requirements of the agreement are satisfied.

13.    Approach

A comprehensive approach is taken in customizing employee duties, responsibilities and expected performance levels to your the job specifics. This approach further creates a seamless integration of our representatives into your organization. Moreover our computerized scheduling database matches each security guard profile with the client's specifications.




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